Catawba County has a rich history in manufacturing with over 425 manufacturers employing 31.5% of the workforce.


Over the years, Catawba County has become home to several clusters of companies.  These companies have found success here because of our experienced manufactuirng workforce and excellent training resources, our robust water and power infrastructure, our insulation against natural disasters, and our incredible quality of life.  Cick on any of the clusters below to learn more.

Advanced Manufacturing
Data Centers
International Firms


Our efforts are guided by making sure that we are able to support and grow our existing industries and recruit new businessess that are a good fit for our workforce and training resources.  While some of our targets are designed to enhance our existing clusters, we are also constantly researching and analysing new sectors and industries to find new targets.  With that in mind, we are always looking for new opportunities that are a good fit for our community.  We will add new targets that will yield benefits for our local economy while also positioning companies in those sectors for succeess.  Click on any of our current targets to learn more.

Advanced Manufacuturing
Automotive Parts Manufacturing
Advanced Textiles
Food Proecessing
Data Centers
International Firms