Catawba County has low tax rates, ranging from $0.38to $0.455 per $100 valuation.


Property tax rates are low, ranging from $0.38 to $0.455 per $100 valuation. Property taxes are generated to fund education, public safety, parks and recreation and social services. With communities ranging from urban to rural, Catawba County is well suited to a diverse range of development opportunities.

Location Tax Rate
Catawba County $0.3985
Town of Brookford $0.40
Town of Catawba $0.40
City of Claremont $0.4175
City of Conover $0.395
City of Hickory $0.455
Town of Longview $0.49
Town of Maiden $0.38
City of Newton $0.45

Sales Tax
4.75% (State of NC) + 2.25% (Catawba County) = 7.00% (combined sales tax rate)
There is no sales tax on Machinery & Equipment used in manufacturing processes.
There is also no sales tax on electricity or natural gas for manufacturers.

Inventory Tax
There is no inventory tax in North Carolina. 

NC Corporate Income Tax

NC Personal Income Tax

A dogwood tree blooms in front of Conover City Hall.


Catawba County is committed to the growth and diversification of its economy. Catawba County and its local municipalities, in addition to the State of North Carolina, have several programs that offer business relocation assistance and foster new and expanding businesses and industries that generate job creation and investment.

State Incentives
Relocating a business to North Carolina, or anywhere for that matter, requires research, time and investment. The Catawba County EDC can work with you and your company to secure business relocation assistance and find the best available relocation incentives in NC.

Qualifying businesses can receive state incentives in North Carolina including, but not limited to:

  • Job development investment grants
  • Funding for select business purchases and infrastructure costs

Local Incentives
Local incentives are granted by each municipality and then by Catawba County on a case-by-case basis. Enter into a joint economic development agreement to receive the maximum business relocation assistance available.

Some general guidelines for incentives applying to economic development agreements in the Hickory Metro include:

  • Companies must submit a letter requesting assistance
  • Projects must not have started construction prior to consideration of the application
  • Economic development is exclusively for new businesses and existing businesses undertaking expansions

Contact the Catawba County EDC to expedite the process of relocating a business to North Carolina or to ask any questions.